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Founder and CEO

An international leader in the design of low energy and zero energy buildings, Peter has designed the world’s most innovative MEP systems. He was the first to design a net zero energy office, a NZE museum and a NZE laboratory. He has designed 25 LEED platinum projects and 13 NZE buildings. Peter’s mechanical design for the Tah.Mah.Lah residential project achieved Net Zero and LEED Platinum and is being called the “Greenest House in America.” He pioneered the use of radiant cooling and has now designed over three million sf of radiant cooled buildings.

In the late 1990s Peter set out to transform the building industry by creating examples of the world’s most innovative and most sustainable buildings. Two decades later his buildings have been visited by thousands and have set the benchmark for low energy and innovative buildings.

Peter is a registered professional engineer in 10 states, a certified energy manager and an ASHRAE Fellow. He has the distinction of being a Senior Fellow of Rocky Mountain Institute and working frequently with Amory Lovins. In 2012 he was awarded the Renewable Energy Innovator of the Year by the Association of Energy Engineers. In 2014 he won the ASHRAE Award for Engineering Excellence for his design of the Packard Foundation net zero energy office. This award has been given just 4 times in ASHRAE’s 100+ year history. Peter teaches at Stanford University and is a frequent lecturer at universities and trade associations around the US and abroad.

Peter has been an advisor to many innovative start-up and VC companies including Nest, Building Robotics, Luminergi, Serious Materials, Alpen Glass, Foundation Capital and Kliener Perkins Caufield & Byers.





Founder and CFO

Kurt Herzog is President and CFO of Acutherm, an HVAC equipment manufacturer. Kurt has three decades of experience in sales, finance and marketing and almost two decades in overseeing manufacturing operations. Under Kurt’s leadership, Acutherm has refined and manufactures the revolutionary energy efficient “ThermaFuser”: personal temperature control diffusers that improve the comfort and satisfaction of all building occupants. Each ThermaFuser acts as an individual VAV zone so every area of a building can have separate, optimized temperature settings. They also prevent overcooling and overheating – resulting in 15 to 40% energy savings. Acutherm is a member of the Green Building Council and is an Energy Star Partner. The company sells the ThermaFuser through 87 representative companies throughout the world. 

Prior to joining Acutherm, Kurt was the Division Vice President at FleetBoston Financial where he expanded the operations into Canada and the United Kingdom. As Senior Vice President of Bank of America Credit Corporation he worked directly with managers of Fortune 1000 companies and funded $100 million in transactions. As Chief Operating Officer at Berg Senior Services Kurt managed 11 facilities, 350 employees and 1500 residents. 

Kurt holds a BA in Speech Communication and Economics from the University of Nevada, Reno.